KIA: New pilot project for electric vehicle owners

KIA launches a new pilot program for its electric vehicle owners, offering car charging at any point the customer wants.

For now the service is being tested in only a few California cities, but if successful, the program will likely be expanded to entire countries.

Anxiety about range? KIA sends an employee with a portable charger. Between now and April 30, owners of KIA electric cars in San Jose, San Francisco or Los Angeles can call the service to charge their vehicle wherever they are in the city.

Each EV car owner will be able to call a maximum of three times a week. Users will have to call the service through a specific application after creating an account, and determine for themselves the time and place of charging.

“The relationship with our customers does not end after delivery. In fact, this is just the beginning,” said Greg Silvestri, Kia’s vice president of Service Operations. “Working with Currently to offer free charging is perfectly connected to our Plan S plan and reinforces our commitment to the overall adoption of electric vehicles. We believe that easy charging also makes ownership easy.

It seems that companies understand that people want electric cars, just infrastructure and especially charging remain a thorn in the sidelines. KIA is piloting the above service with the aim of providing an intermediate solution to those who wish to use electric cars but have a problem with access to a charger.


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