Volvo accelerates its transition to electrification

Volvo is continuing its transition to electrification with reports from an authoritative medium indicating that during an event for its dealers in the U.S., the Swedish company presented not one, not two, but five new pure electric models that are scheduled to be added to its range in the near future.

According to information revealed by an anonymous source who claims to have attended Volvo’s event, the company will launch either at the end of this year or early next year a large SUV based on the Concept Recharge that we saw a few months ago.

The full-size electric SUV is essentially a replacement for the XC90 although it will be sold alongside it for the next period of time, with Volvo targeting sales of 20,000 cars. In 2025, another electric crossover will be added to the range, this time between the XC60 and the XC90, while later, another SUV, compact, smaller than the XC40, will be launched.

Volvo also revealed that its plans include a purely electric version of the XC60 as well as the revamped, plug-in hybrid S90 and XC90 and rumours are being heard about two station wagon models described by Swedish brand executives as “activity vehicles” without providing further information.

To support its ambitious plan, Volvo has planned recruitment and full exploitation of its facilities in Ridgeville, USA, where the S90 is already being built but has a production capacity of up to 150,000 per year.


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