Electric car of 15,000 euros is prepared by Suzuki

Suzuki’s new electric car is expected to make its appearance in 2023, instantly enriching the Japanese company’s range with a purely electric city car.

The Japanese automaker has announced that it will invest 150 billion yen, about 1.1 billion euros, in its factories in India and Hungary to build its future electric models. At the same time, it will create a new battery manufacturing plant to be self-sufficient in this area.

Among the models that will emerge from these large investments will be an electric city car for the European market. Despite the difficult framework that exists for the purchase of small and affordable cars in Europe, Suzuki remains firm in this category and intends to be there in the era of pure electric ones.

Electric car Suzuki

According to recent reports in the European press, Suzuki’s new electric mini-crossover will stand out for its design, ease of use, sufficient autonomy for daily commute and of course its price.

The price will, of course, play a very important role in the success of this project, since together with the state subsidies, it will be at the level of the other affordable electric in the European market, the Dacia Spring, where it is very successful in the European market.


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