Watch how they steal cables from EV chargers, video

The phenomenon of the theft of copper cables by EV chargers is taking on ever greater proportions. In the current decade we may see new “techniques” in the theft of materials that concern the technology of electric vehicles in general.

The increase in the number of charging stations for electric cars contributes to the expansion of electromobility, but at the same time it “opens” the appetite of many robbers, who do not hesitate to rickety them in order to extract their precious copper cables.

The ever-increasing number of incidents in this regard has already alarmed the police authorities, which have to face a new scourge globally.

Two men with their facial features covered, and with their “weapon” some cutting tools, caused significant damage to the wallbox chargers (wallbox) that were in the parking lot, extracting their valuable cables.

The spiral targeted 38 of a total of 40 chargers, as confirmed by the CEO of “One Generation”, Jenna Hauss, speaking to the local television network Fox 11 Los Angeles.

cables from EV chargers

Visibly indignant, the woman disclosed that the total damages amounted to $18,000, while disapproving of the robbers for having “beaten” the premises of a nonprofit organization where more than 8,000 people a year live and receive care.

Video from YouTube channel FOX 11 Los Angeles

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