New Honda Civic e:HEV at the Milan Design Week

The new Honda Civic e:HEV attracted the eyes of those present at vanity fair’s “Social Garden” Exhibition. And more specifically at “Milan Design Week 2022”.

The completely renewed model of the Japanese company made its appearance to the Italian public, with a different appearance both inside and outside. Even its dimensions are visibly larger.

The design of the 11th generation Civic has a human-centered approach inside and outside, while the longer wheelbase, wider track and lower roofline form a coupe silhouette.

new Honda Civic e:HEV

The company’s engineers emphasized on the interior and exterior layout, ensuring greater comfort and spaciousness to passengers. It also offers greater visibility and a sense of freedom thanks to the low, flat dashboard, the position of the exterior mirrors, as well as the large windows.

In addition, the resin rear door is characteristic, with a reduced weight of 20% compared to the previous model. Playing in this way, a crucial role in achieving the most elegant design.

The 11th generation Civic’s drive unit combines a lithium-ion battery with two compact electric motors and a 2-litre natural breathing petrol engine that operates on the Atkinson cycle, which achieves 41% thermodynamic efficiency and features a direct injection system optimized for faster and more efficient combustion and high torque.

New Honda Civic e:HEV fuel consumption in the WLTP protocol is set at 4.7 liters/100 km. It is worth noting here that the maximum combined power of the drive unit is 135 kW, i.e. 184 horsepower, with torque reaching 315 Nm.


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