Audi batteries have a second life in India

The batteries of Audi where they are used in its electric vehicles are expected to have a second life and even in electric tricycles in India.

The batteries of the EVs when they have completed its life cycle determined at about 15 years. That is, as much as the life cycle of the car in which they are placed.


Also, the efficiency of these batteries may have fallen a lot – most manufacturers guarantee 70% of its performance after a decade – but they still have enough energy capacity for other uses. If the batteries are not recycled in order to use their raw materials.

Batteries derived from electric Audi for example, which works with Indian start-up Nunam, are used in electric tricycles, the e-rickshaws that until now use old-technology lead-acid batteries.


Which have a low cost but have a shorter service life, limited efficiency with low autonomy and most importantly greater environmental impact.

Also, electric cars may not have made their presence particularly noticeable on the roads yet (the situation is changing rapidly), but the future belongs to them. And whoever looks away takes his measures for the next day, when the dominance of electromobility will put new issues on the table. The utilization of used lithium-ion batteries for the stability of the electrical network is one of them.


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