Cheaper electric cars promised by BMW but how?

The cheaper electric cars are just around the corner? Although this sounds very short-term according to the conditions that are now prevailing worldwide, BMW argues that new technologies in the battery will help to make the price of electric vehicles even more affordable.

So it is expected, according to BMW, that the range of its electric vehicles will increase by 1/3 from 2025 and this thanks to the use of a new type of batteries where they will be installed for the first time in the new BMW Series 3. Of course, it is striking that dimensions of the new batteries will have exactly the same dimensions as Tesla batteries.


The technology of the battery in electric cars is constantly evolving but so far nothing so revolutionary has been presented where it will make the big difference. The new batteries from BMW will have a cost reduced by 50% compared to the current lithium-ion while they will have an 800V architecture.
Also, the batteries will be able to store up to 30% more energy while the charging rate in state-of-the-art fast chargers will be 30% faster.


So in the new batteries of the German BMW there will be a different shape where it will be cylindrical as well as the chemical composition will contain more nickel and silicone but the cobalt will be significantly reduced. There will be two different sizes in terms of height so that bodies of all types can be adjusted.

Of course, the German company is not alone in this venture since it cooperates with the Chinese CALT as well as with EVE Energy. There will be factories in China and also in Europe, but perhaps there will be a factory in North America as well. Recycling will play an important role in the new batteries since BMW’s goal is an environmental footprint reduced by 60%.


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