ORION: The electric-solar e bike from Greece!

The first electric-solar e bike in Greece was built entirely in Kozani by the 52-year-old electrical engineer Dimitris Gloumbos. As he says, his technological creation is part of the effort “for cleaner green cities and the healthy living of citizens”. Its name is “ORION” and was built during the second and third quarantines.

As its manufacturer explains, it is “a four-wheeled bicycle, which carries a lithium battery that charges with the same process of electric vehicles and alternatively with the continuous pedal of the cyclist. There is also the possibility of charging from a solar panel where it is mounted on the roof. It has a range of 50 kilometers while with the help of the sun the range can be doubled reaching 100 kilometers.

electric-solar e bike

It can also carry in a special area that has been configured behind the rider’s reclining seat objects weighing 30 kg and volume up to 0.4 cubic meters.
The length of the electric-solar e bike is 205cm, the width of 96 cm, the height of 154 cm, while it weighs about 105 kg thanks to the extensive use of aluminum.

The four-wheeled bike has automatic transmission, a digital navigator for city traffic, a bicycle steering wheel, electric lighting systems, cameras instead of mirrors (at another level of equipment), speakers for music and open communication, etc.

The electric-solar e bike

Dimitris Gloumbos, having the “germ” of the manufacturer due to the scientific capacity of the engineer, wanted to build a bicycle that could contribute to the green footprint of the city. “Kozani, due to its altitude and spatial peculiarity, is a difficult city to use a simple bicycle and I wanted with my special construction to alleviate this difficulty”, said Mr. Gloumbos.

Also added that most of all to proceed with this project he was prompted “by the image of children in couriers who are constantly exposed to rain weather conditions, air, snow. So I thought that my construction should be four-wheeled with a protective cage where the rider will be able to move safely through the city carrying even small objects.”

The electric-solar e bike

Mr. Gloumbos confesses to us that the entire construction of the first edition under the name Vike.1 was made during the quarantine, which in Kozani began in early November and due to the lack of auxiliary spaces the construction of the pieces of the bicycle was done on the terrace and in the living room of the house the final mounting. “With the help of my children and my wife, we placed the furniture in the living room in a corner and their place was taken by the bike -1 where the final mounting took place and all the improvements that followed in the sequel.”

Also the four-wheeled electric-solar e bike has suspension on all wheels, disc brakes on both axles and the latest version of the model has an automatic transmission while the weight thanks to the extensive use of aluminum as mentioned above has been maintained at 105 kg. When production starts, the purchase price will range from 5,500 Euros and depending on the equipment will reach up to 7,500 Euros. It will also be able to be equipped with rudimentary doors where in essence they are like covers for protection from rain and cold.


Length : 205cm
Height : 154cm
Width : 96cm
Weight : 105kg
Motor : 250W mid-drive
Range : 50Km - Battery 
        100km with Solar Panel
Speed : 25 km/h max
Rear: Differential
Turning Circle : 4,95cm
Wheels : 20 inches
Lights: Led headlamp, turning lights,break lights
Brakes: Front (Disc Brake), Rear (Disc Brake)
Gear: 5 gears
Automatic transmission
Mirrors: External camera mirrors
Battery : 20Ah
USB port
The electric-solar e bike


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