Tesla FSD for this year is not ready to approval

Tesla’s FSD autonomous driving system (TSLA. O) will not receive regulatory approval in 2022, CEO Elon Musk noted in statements suggesting that the company is not yet able to convince authorities that its cars can be driven without someone behind the wheel.

The automaker is selling a $15,000 software add-on called “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) that allows its vehicles to change lanes and park autonomously. This complements the standard “Autopilot” feature that allows cars to steer, accelerate and brake within their lanes without driver intervention.

However, cars must be driven with human supervision and regulatory approval would be required to allow otherwise.

FSD Beta 10 version

Musk said all FSD users in North America will receive an upgraded version at the end of the year, adding that while her cars aren’t ready to have no one behind the wheel, drivers will rarely need to touch anything.

“The car will be able to take you from your home to work, to your friend’s house, to the grocery store without touching the steering wheel,” he said. “It’s a separate matter whether he gets regulatory approval. It will not have regulatory approval at that time,” he added.

According to Musk, Tesla hopes to provide an update to the FSD in 2023 to show regulators that the car is much safer than the average person.


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