Watch Telsa Full Self-Driving Beta in action, Video

The Telsa Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD) is updated with new additions quite often and this contributes to becoming more and more complete each time. Also, many of Tesla’s fans are posting videos testing the American company’s new autonomous driving system.

Recently, a new video was posted from the YouTube channel AI DRIVR where for some time already testing the beta versions from the FSD and revealing all aspects of Tesla’s new sophisticated autonomous driving system. Tesla’s goal for the near future is for the FSD to be able to have a complete control over the car and the system literally drive on its own.

The beta version so far cannot offer full autonomous driving with the driver having to remain vigilant to grab the steering wheel at all times. In many cases the conditions on the road may be variable to the point where the FSD will show some failures. That’s why the videos essentially give us a first glimpse of the vulnerabilities of this autonomous driving system.

Telsa Full Self-Driving Beta
Telsa Full Self-Driving Beta in action

Of course, on the other hand, Tesla’s technology has the ability to recognize and avoid obstacles, but sometimes with FSD enabled the results are not as expected, failing to detect them. As you can see in the video below, Tesla’s FSD seems to ignore some objects that differ in size and shape while the height also seems to have a significant impact.

While it works exemplary in locating people and large objects even now the system is not ready to give it total control. Besides, Tesla knows very well that everything is still in progress, so it warns all beta testers to always be vigilant.

Video from YouTube channel AI DRIVR

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