Wind turbine can charges 7.800 EVs in 24 hours

A technological breakthrough was achieved by a new wind turbine where in just 24 hours it produced so much energy that it could charge thousands of electric cars from 0 to 100%.

This milestone is a new world record for efficiency thanks to the new wind turbine of Siemens Gamesa where for those who do not know, it is the subsidiary of the well-known German giant. Siemens’ huge wind turbine is intended for offshore wind farms and this has the advantage of not covering space on land as well as the air speed in the sea is usually more stable and continuous.

The codename of the new wind turbine is SG 14-222 DD and what it has achieved recently is very impressive. In just an hour it managed to produce 15 MW of energy, and this means that in 24 hours it produced energy of 360 MWh. Another impressive element of the new wind turbine is that the total diameter of the rotor along with the blades reaches 222 meters.

Wind turbine

The global transition of automakers towards electric cars is underway and the need to find the necessary electricity is more than ever. The future looks much better at the moment thanks to the new and highly efficient wind turbines such as, for example, the record recently achieved by the new Siemens Gamesa model.

This means with cold numbers that the total energy produced in 24 hours by the wind turbine could charge 8,700 electric cars from 0 to 100% calculated always with an average battery capacity of 40kWh.

EV NT note:

At the moment, a huge crisis in energy production is looming worldwide, and all the countries, with the exception of a few in the north of the world, have not shown quick reflexes as to how they can deal with a crisis in the number one need for the human race, energy. The technological achievement of Siemens Gamesa gives great hope for future energy production since it shows the way for the ideal (almost) scenario in solving the need for more and more energy since the transition to electric mobility seems to be evolving rapidly.


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