Ampere: Renault Group exclusive new EV Brand

Ampere is called the Renault group’s new exclusive EV brand with the company’s CEO Luca de Meo planning to turn the company to becoming what he calls “a next-generation automaker”.

The company plans to put Ampere on the Paris stock exchange from the second half of 2023, retaining the “strong” majority of shares for itself.

Ampere describes itself as a manufacturer in its own right and will be next to Renault, Alpine, Dacia and mobility brand Mobilize in the newly expanded Renault Group portfolio.

It will employ around 10,000 staff – around 3,500 of whom will be engineers and half of them software specialists – and “bring the best of both worlds: know-how and advantages from the Renault Group with focus and flexibility of a pure EV player”.

According to the company’s plan, by 2030, Ampere will have a range of six all-electric passenger cars for sale, covering 80% of EV’s main profit pool. Four of them have already been revealed or we have seen a detailed preview: the Renault 5 Electric, the Renault 4 Electric, the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric and the Renault Scenic Electric.


Still, it aims to produce around one million EVs for the Renault brand in 2031.

Renault points to three “technology backbones” that make the Ampere unique on the market. First is the company’s new ElectriCity production hub in northern France, with new innovative ways of production and will have 80% of its suppliers within 200 miles.

Second is a European network of cooperating companies that will enhance the sustainability of its production processes and strengthen cost control. The company says it will use this network to get the 80 GWh of battery capacity necessary for the EVs it will produce by 2030.

Third is the focus on “software-defined vehicles” (SDV) technology, which Renault sees as the future of the industry as a whole. The goal is to produce cars that can be upgraded throughout their lifecycle, can learn from their users and maintain strong ties with their manufacturer – thus bringing in new revenue streams.

Ampere will launch the Renault Group’s first “SDV” in 2026, which it will develop in partnership with software partner Qualcomm Technologies and platform and cloud provider Google.


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