Solid State batteries this decade! maybe not

Solid state batteries are expected to bring the coveted change and revolution to the world of electric vehicles since they will probably solve almost all the problems that batteries have today.

The increased weight of the batteries, long charging times, temperature management, reduced autonomy in the cold, high cost and the fact that they can burn even without the presence of oxygen are the most important problems of batteries today.

At first it seemed that the first cars with batteries of this kind would be seen in the middle of this decade, in 2025 or a little later, but now everything indicates that this goal will not be achieved.

StoreDot is an Israeli company that is considered a leader in solid state battery research. The ceo of the company, Dr Doron Myersdorf, made the relevant statements:


“It is vital that leading battery developers like StoreDot give car manufacturers around the world a realistic timeline for the introduction of ultra-fast charging batteries. Right now, despite the optimistic claims of some of our competitors, solid state batteries are still at least 10 years away. It’s not the magic solution for any manufacturer developing fast charging technologies today.”

Dr Doron Myersdorf added: “We believe that a more practical step is the introduction of semi-solid state batteries, which we aim to take into mass production by 2028. These will be advanced, safe, high-performance cells that can achieve charging for 160 kilometers in just three minutes, with the added benefit of requiring a simpler and less demanding production process than solid state batteries.”

EVNT Note:

Will the battery revolution be delayed by a few more years? logic says Yes, since if we include the energy problems that Europe is now experiencing and global instability in chip production in general, it will perhaps lead to long delays in the research and development of new technologies.


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