The new Toyota Prius was revealed

The new Toyota Prius has been unveiled and is the fifth generation of Toyota’s iconic hybrid. The new model is one of the long-awaited cars of 2022 and recently became the global presentation of the 5th generation of the first hybrid on the market.

The new generation of the model retains the wedge-shaped shape of the previous ones, but now features more dynamic lines and edges. The presentation was undertaken by Toyota’s head of design Simon Humphries and began with the philosophy behind the development of the new Toyota Prius.

The new Toyota Prius is not a pure electric (BEV) but a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) because there is a serious reason, according to Toyota.

It has been shortened in length by 46 mm. and its overall height has been reduced by 50 mm, but the width and wheelbase have increased (+22 mm and +50 mm respectively). Combined with the newly designed aluminium wheels that reach a diameter of 19 inches, the result looks more dynamic. The sloping rear roof also gives the car a coupe note.

The interior of the new Prius follows Toyota’s modern pattern with a low-line and two-level dashboard. The driver is informed by a digital instrument cluster with a diagonal of seven inches located slightly higher, at the height of the driver’s field of vision.

The two-litre engine with which the model is now equipped, delivers 111 kW (151 PS) and works with a new electric motor / generator with a nominal output of 120 kW (163 PS). The combined power of the system is 164 kW (223 PS).

Video from YouTube channel Drivers Only

Simon Humphries undertook to analyze as succinctly as he could the philosophy of Akio Toyoda, who heads Toyota. The Japanese automaker is taking a completely different path in terms of electrification. It is no coincidence that it has just – and only for China for the time being – introduced a second all-electric car in the bZ range, where the bZ4X already exists

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