New Aprilia eSR2: Aesthetics meets innovation

The new Aprilia eSR2 electric scooter represents all the know-how of the Italian company in the world of 2 wheels and with this creation wants to dynamically invade a category where it has been rapidly flourishing in recent years.

Aprilia has so many loyal fans around the world, and it’s no surprise that this spirit of innovation was applied to its electric scooter as well. The 10-inch diameter tyres, the 350W electric motor, the dual suspension and the rest of the ergonomic elements, highlight the “sporty” character of the Aprilia eSR2.

New Aprilia eSR2

Careful assembly of individual parts and durable metal body provide an excellent aesthetic and functional result.

It is equipped with an electric brushless motor with a power of 350W (Peak Power 600W), and a 288Wh battery (36V, 8.0Ah), offering a range of 25 km. and a top speed of 25 km/h, electronically limited by law for use within the city.

New Aprilia eSR2

With a total weight (with the battery) of 18.5 kg and 100 kg maximum load, it can comfortably climb uphills with up to 16% inclination. It has a folding but durable design (IPX4), an aluminum frame, LED luminaires (front and rear), a 3.5-inch LED display on the steering wheel, a dual electric brake with a drum brake at the front and a rear disc brake.

It also has a KERS system to store the energy from braking in the battery, thus improving the overall range of the electric scooter.

The new Aprilia eSR2 electric scooter features the Smart Move app, the rider can check at any time the status of the eSR2, such as the battery level, the distance traveled and its last position on the map.

Through the application compatible for iOS and Android can contact the technical support of Aprilia, for any possible technical problem that arises! With 599 euros the rides become carefree, always observing safety measures such as helmet, rules of road behavior and respect for pedestrians.

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