Affordable electric bike by Nilox – Video

The affordable electric bike nilox X7, has been on the market for some time already and is ideal for everyday use both in the city and for routes outside it. Featuring a front suspension that absorbs ground irregularities extremely well, 27.5 x 2.10-inch tyres, large Tektro disc brakes, it can move everywhere in comfort and safety.

The frame is made of aluminum, it is lightweight but extremely durable. The nilox DOC X7 has a comfortable seat, grill, fender equipment, front and rear LED lights and lifts a rider up to 100 kg. The electric motor is brushless high speed 36V with a power of 250W.

Affordable electric bike by Nilox - Video

It also has a transmission with 21 speeds and five modes, offers a top speed of 25 km / h for up to 45 km. continuous use. The LG 36V-8A battery contributes to this, which is also removable. It takes just 4 hours to fully charge.

All the necessary indicators are displayed through a smart LCD display. The rider can track a lot of information, such as battery life, speed, and mileage. In the city or on the dirt road, the stylish Nilox X7 will cope without any difficulty offering many kilometers of pleasant routes. It is available as you can see on the nilox website at the price of 1,099.95 euros.

Video from YouTube channel SINDROME DA S

EVNT Note:

Electric bicycles have been on the rise in recent years globally but more so in Europe as it can become the ideal means of transport in big cities where traffic is really a headache. Now there are very affordable electric bicycles on the market where the consumer can choose offering despite the low price quite satisfactory quality. Electric bikes with the assistance they offer with the help of the battery the rider can cover a wide range of kilometers by going to work without getting tired. It can also be done as a means of exercise since electric assist is adjusted for the best possible cycling experience.

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