Amazing! Tesla restores its normal steering wheel

In 2021 when Tesla introduced the ‘yoke’ steering wheel, which looks like something taken from a fighter jet or racing vehicle, as a form of upgrade for the Model S and X.

At the time, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, was sure that this futuristic steering wheel was here to stay.

The Yoke, this strange steering wheel with which Tesla presented the new Model S, has been heavily criticized by many – owners and non-owners – since in everyday driving it makes it a little difficult to handle due to its elliptical (and deficient) shape.

Amazing! Tesla restores its normal steering wheel

Referring to the helm of KITT from the famous TV series “Knight Rider” (in Greece it was attributed as “The knight of the asphalt”… ), Tesla’s choice for this special feature of the car, is still criticized.

Despite CEO Elon Musk previously rejecting the possibility of offering a round steering wheel, ultimately Tesla made the surprise and finally gives the choice.

If, however, a holder of these two models wants to replace the yoke steering wheel with a regular one, he will have to pay $ 700.

Tesla Model 3 yoke steering wheel

The new circular steering wheel, of course, lacks the levers for the turn signals, as it carries the touch buttons on the steering wheel that the yoke has.

Along with this change, the configurator now enables prospective buyers to add the ‘TESLA’ sign on the trunk door, as well as to paint the brake calipers red.


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