BEV Sales in Greece 2022: Tesla on top!

BEV Sales in Greece recorded a significant increase for 2022, recording an increase of 31,1% compared to the previous year while a total of 2,853 pure electric vehicles were sold.

For this positive development, the State subsidy program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy “I move electrically II” played an important role, since it includes better Terms compared to the previous program, while the consumer has the possibility of retroactive purchases made so far.

Thus, the BEV Sales in Greece for 2022 recorded a share that reached 2.69% while the total of new passenger cars registered in the Greek market was 105,283 vehicles. The top three positions are dominated by two automakers with Tesla occupying the top two and with Volkswagen following.

In the first place we find the Tesla Model Y with 352 cars and it shows that the Compact pure electric SUV of the American company was extremely popular and most likely for 2023 we will continue the same tempo.

BEV Sales in Greece 2022: Tesla on top!
Tesla Mode 3

In second place is another Tesla, the Model 3 where with 236 cars handed over the reins to the other member of the family! In third place, Volkswagen with the ID 4 came very close to the Model 3 after delivering 208 cars. In fourth place, the Fiat 500 Electric is a surprise as it was quite high in the preferences of the Greeks.


In fifth place, the Volvo XC40 Recharge prevailed over the Mercedes EQA with 157 and 125 cars respectively. The Volkswagen ID.3 may be the negative surprise for 2022 since with 110 cars it was slightly ahead of the Hyundai Kona EV with 105 cars.


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