First Xiaomi Modena EV detected in winter tests

In development is the first Xiaomi EV and new photos let us take a look at the winter tests of the electric vehicle that the company refers to as Modena.

The vehicles appear to be complete and are most likely “production intention” units, suggesting that the 2024 release date is quite realistic.

The photos come from the interior of Mongolia, an area that offers perfect conditions for extreme weather testing, since it has snow and cold all day and all night.

First Xiaomi Modena EV

According to a Chinese blogger, Xiaomi’s own CEO, Lei Jun, joined the test guides and participates in the winter tests in Mongolia. Jun, apart from being a car enthusiast, is also very fond of the Modena project and wants to be close to all stages of production.

As with most electric sedans, the Xiaomi Modena has a very aerodynamic shape with a long bonnet and a sloping roof line that gently falls backwards. There are the folding door handles and LiDAR sensors on the roof.

According to Chinese media, it will be available in three versions. The two input models will use BYD LFP “blade” batteries, while the top trim will have the latest CATL Qilin battery. The infotainment will be operated by Qualcomm’s latest 8295 chips that offer 30 TOPS of NPU computing power.

First Xiaomi Modena EV

On the other hand, in terms of price, the car reportedly costs between $38,350 and $51,650. Finally, Xiaomi is reportedly already working on its second vehicle, codenamed Lemans, which is planned to launch in 2025.

EVNT Note:

Xiaomi’s first electric will probably be a fact in a short time and this may shuffle the deck more in the global electric vehicle automaker since the Chinese technology company admittedly has a huge range of products in mobile phones and gadgets. It will be very interesting to see what xiaomi’s electric car will look like in terms of design and technical characteristics.


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