First Xiaomi new electric car photos leaked!

Xiaomi appears to be putting the finishing touches on its first electric vehicle, which will be called the Xiaomi MS11. This is a beautiful 4-door electric car with a strong sporty style.

The Chinese technology company announced two years ago that it would enter the automotive industry. Xiaomi is the largest manufacturer of electric skates in the world, and in addition to very good smartphones, it has had a range of electric scooters in Asia for several years now.

First Xiaomi new electric car photos leaked

In the Xiaomi MS11, the glass roof, large wheels and Willwood brakes stand out. Xiaomi’s logo is proudly located in the center of the wheels, while the LiDAR sensor is at the top of the windshield.

The Chinese company will invest around €10 billion. dollars over the next decade for the production of electric cars, with its billionaire co-founder, Lei Jun, leading the new, independent – within the group – entity.

The design gives the promise of performance although Xiaomi plays conservatively to be accepted by a larger consumer audience. MS11 seems like an excellent first start and with these images appearing to be marketing material, its presentation is expected soon

EVNT Note:

Everything we know so far about Automotive will soon have to be forgotten since now with electromobility the map is changing worldwide. Traditional automakers are facing new challenges, and countries that have been on the sidelines on a global scale are entering new technology very warmly. So Xiaomi with its first electric car wants to invade with claims and cut a piece of the pie in sales worldwide. In addition to the many startups that were born due to electromobility, leading companies in the field of technology such as Sony and Apple are also preparing their own Electric vehicles. How much will this affect the already existing automakers where they have been selling for a century now? It’s early for predictions but surely things are getting too cramped!

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