New ban on electric cars on cargo ships

New ban on electric cars from yet another sea cargo company in Norway comes to muddy the waters even more regarding the sea transport of EVs.

This is because recently another Norwegian shipping company had decided to completely exclude electric vehicles and hydrogen, hybrid cars on its passenger ships. But of course with the new ban the data is somewhat different.

This is the Norwegian Höegh Autoliners, which is one of the world leaders in the field of maritime vehicle transport, with its fleet consisting of about 50 ro-ro ferries.

However, unlike Havila Kystruten, which banned all all-electric vehicles (including hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles), Höegh Autoliners does not allow only used electric cars to be transported.

The news that used electrics are not welcome on Höegh Autoliners ferries was confirmed by the company’s General Manager, Sebjørn Dahl.

He announced that a new generation of Höegh Autoliners ships is specially designed to carry electric cars. As he mentioned, these ships incorporate enhanced video surveillance systems, but also particularly large decks that are considered suitable for the safe transport of electric cars.

He also added that the company is doing its utmost to prevent the outbreak of fire, at the same time as effective responses are being implemented through staff training and the integration of advanced smoke/fire detectors.

Note that the debate about whether it is considered safe to transport the electrics to the ships took a big turn after the fire on the cargo ship Felicity Ace, which sank on March 1, 2022, along with about 4,000 vehicles of the VW Group.


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