Tesla Cybertruck debut with new Hardware 4?

The Tesla Cybertruk will be produced with the company’s new Hardware 4 and will probably be the first model to “wear” the new powerful computer system.

The revelation was made by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, who said during the company’s Q4 and full year 2022 earnings call that the delayed Cybertruck will enter limited production in the summer of 2023, with an expected increase in early 2024:

Cybertruck will have Hardware 4. And to be clear, for 2023, Cybertruck won’t make a significant contribution to the bottom line, but it will be within the next year. It’s an incredible product. I look forward to driving it personally, and it will be the car I drive every day. It’s just one of those products that only comes once in a while, and it’s really special,” he said.

Tesla’s current vehicles use the company’s Hardware 3.0, which was unveiled in 2019 and was made available as a retrospective upgrade for owners who had their cars equipped with the previous version 2.5.

Hardware 3.0 (or Full Self-Driving Computer 1) initially added some interesting features compared to the previous version, such as illustrations for traffic lights, traffic cones and trash cans, and also showed arrows in the way of the navigation system. Tesla’s 1 Full Self-Driving (FSD) Calculator also has much more computing power than the previous version built by NVIDIA.

Details on the next generation of hardware and software are not many, but it will most likely be called FSD Computer 2 and will have three times the computing power of the current Hardware 3.0.

EVNT Note:

Elon Musk’s specific announcement clearly shows that hardware 3 will probably not be enough for autonomous driving (FSD) and as computing power increases the arrival of hardware 4 leaves room for huge improvements across Tesla’s model range. On the other hand, the company’s CEO did not go into detail despite mentioning the fact that Cybertruck will incorporate the latest goodies in Hardware technology.


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