Tesla: Next-Gen platform under development

Tesla is preparing the Next-Gen platform for its future vehicles and it is very likely that it will be completed relatively soon.

According to the company’s financial report for Q4 and full year 2022, the new platform is currently under development and more information will be disclosed at the upcoming Investors Day event on March 1, 2023.

“Our next-generation vehicle platform is under development, with additional details to be shared on Investors’ Day (March 1, 2023).”

Previous reports the new platform is intended for electric cars smaller in size than Model 3/Model Y. Still, it is expected to bring a staggered change in vehicle costs, reaching half.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, electric vehicles based on the new platform will be produced in greater volume than all other vehicles combined.

EVNT Note:

The fact that Tesla wants to prepare a new platform for its future models should not have shocked Motoring too much since the Model S is already over 10 years old and the Model 3 where it began production in 1997 and already counts six years. The biggest news from this news, of course, is that a smaller model is probably being prepared and more accessible to the general public. Model 2 or Model Q as it is likely to be called will be the one where it may make a big difference in sales since due to its price consumers with lower financial ability will be able to get it. Perhaps in March we will see the first signs of Tesla’s specific strategy, and the only sure thing is that very interesting announcements are expected.


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