Tesla: Top Brand in luxury cars in United States

Tesla has become the top Brand in luxury cars in United States automotive market and this is another milestone for the American automaker as it is the first time a local company has won this title.

Tesla vehicles have dominated sales in the United States in recent years, however, due to the limited number of available models, other automakers outperformed the brand in total sales.

Foreign automakers, especially German ones such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW usually dominated. But by increasing production, Tesla is giving more vehicles, even though it has just four models.

So it occupied the top position in the list of luxury cars for the first time in the United States and, according to Automotive News, it is the first time in almost 25 years that the position has been occupied by an American automaker.

Tesla: Top Brand in luxury cars in United States

These are the top eight best-selling luxury brands in the United States in 2022:

Tesla: 491,000 (based on estimates)
BMW: 332.388
Mercedes-Benz: 286.764
Lexus: 258.704
Audi: 186.875
Cadillacs: 134.726
Acura: 102.306
Volvo: 102.038

In 2021, BMW had beaten Tesla by about 23,000 units based on estimates.

EVNT Note:

No one can dispute that it is a major achievement for the American pure electric vehicle company to lead in a category of vehicles that is particularly demanding in the United States. Tesla has also achieved excellent sales in Europe as well as in China. If we also take into account the new significant decreases in the sales prices of its models worldwide, then 2023 is expected to be particularly hot.


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