The first shoes from recycled airbags

The first shoes made of recycled airbags are a fact since Asics and Toyoda Gosei made it possible by proving that anything is possible in the world of recyclable materials.

The industry sector promotes the use of recycled and recyclable materials, with that of the car being among the most environmentally active. Many companies use sustainable materials for the construction of interiors, however there are components that are difficult to recycle. Airbags are one of them, but the solution comes from the shoe sector.

The famous sportswear company Asics and Toyoda Gosei, which is one of the largest suppliers of plastics to the automotive industry, collaborated on the development of the Gel-Sonoma 15-50. The world’s first shoe, consisting of recycled airbag parts.

The first shoes from recycled airbags

The “crashed” Sonoma does not come from airbags that inflate in accidents, but from the remnants of the production process. In other words, it is made from leftover material in factories and under normal conditions, it takes the road to waste. According to Asics the material in question is ideal for a sports shoe, as it is strong, flexible and extremely durable.

The 15-50 is the sophisticated form of the Gel-Sonoma trail running model, incorporating the red stitching and numbering found in the Toyoda Gosei airbags. Extra automobile touch the shape of the “tongue”, which imitates the shape of an opened airbag.

The same attempts to make the pattern on the sole, drawing influences from the opening of doors such as Lamborghini hypercars. All this costs from 16,500 yen in Japan, which makes us 118.15 euros.


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