What’s new with Formula E Gen 3

Everything is ready for the start of Formula E Gen 3 and the changes that the new electric racing cars have are … Integral!

In fact, as experts state, only the steering wheel remains the same compared to the previous generation. The exterior design is more angular and the dimensions are smaller, helping to fit more easily on the relatively narrow tracks in races where they are held in cities most of the time.

But the biggest and most interesting change is in the drivetrain. In addition to boosting 350 kW of power (compared to 250 kW on the Gen2) and a top speed of 200 mph, the Gen3 car also features an additional 250 kW front engine specifically for regenerative braking. This makes the Formula E Gen3 car the first Formula car to feature both front and rear engines.

What's new with Formula E Gen 3
What’s new with Formula E Gen 3

This means that the car is able to reproduce up to 600 kW of power under braking, more than double what it was last year. So cars will be more efficient and, as a result, will be able to go farther and faster.

In fact, there is so much energy recovery available from the engines that the car won’t even have rear brakes. Instead of rear friction brakes, the car relies only on the 350 kW engine for rear braking.

It still has front friction brakes, since the front axle does the majority of the work when braking due to cargo transfer, but the front brakes won’t have to be that big since they are supported by the front engine.

At the rear there is a wing quite low and close to the diffuser while there are also two vertical wings (with a slight inclination) where they resemble a fighter aircraft. Also the front spoiler does not have a complex design. In general, the Formula e Gen 3 racing car is distinguished by its compact dimensions.

The first race takes place in Mexico today, Saturday, January 14 and already from the first drills showed the superior speed they have as well as the race is expected to be very exciting.

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