Who is champion in the promotion of electric vehicles?

There is a Scandinavian country where it has broken another record and is a champion in the promotion of electric vehicles worldwide.

With a new world record, electric cars reached nearly 80% of new registrations of new private cars in Norway last year, according to data recently announced by a specialist agency.

With the US-based Tesla leading the list of manufacturers with a market share of 12.2%, 138,265 electric cars were sold in the Scandinavian country last year, in other words electric vehicles accounted for 79.3% of total sales of new private cars, according to the Road Traffic Information Council (Opplysningsrådet for veitrafikken, OFV).

Norway, a country with a large production of hydrocarbons but at the same time a champion in the promotion of cars with zero exhaust emissions, smashed its previous world record, recorded in 2021 (64.5%).

By comparison, electric cars accounted for 8.6% of new registrations in the European Union in the first nine months of 2022.

In December, battery-powered cars accounted for 82.8% of new car sales, as many households rushed to acquire them before a tax incentive to buy them was lifted and they became significantly more expensive.

Who is champion in the promotion of electric vehicles?
Who is champion in the promotion of electric vehicles?

Tesla’s Model Y (crossover SUV) captured an 11.5% market share, with Elon Musk’s company boasting of breaking the sales record held by the legendary Volkswagen scarab since 1969.

Norway has the ambition that all new cars sold in the country will have zero emissions, be electric or burn hydrogen, from 2025, offering special incentives, above all tax, for this.

However, as the sector matures, the authorities have now started to remove some incentives that had high fiscal costs.

As of 1 January, the exemption from VAT (25%) no longer applies except to the purchase of a new electric car with a price below 500,000 kroner (47,500 euros). Those with a higher price are therefore subject to tax.

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