Who will hack the Tesla Model S & Model 3?

A new challenge in who will hack the Tesla Model S & Model 3 is put by the American automaker and in fact anyone who manages to access the software of electric vehicles will be rewarded very richly.

Specifically, there are various prize tiers, with the largest prize pool reaching $ 600,000, while participants can also win the car.

It is the biggest prize in the history of the hacking competition, Pwn2Own, in which Tesla will also take part. This annual competition invites experienced hackers and crackers to participate in quite difficult and demanding procedures.

Also, many companies register to discover the vulnerabilities of their software.

Tesla, too, did not miss the opportunity to take part in this year’s competition, as it has done on other occasions in the past. More specifically, he will take part with a Tesla Model 3 and a Model S.

Those who want to win both the prize money and the car, will have to access the vehicle’s infotainment system. In particular, they will find VCSEC, Gateway or Autopilot opposite them.

Who will hack the Tesla Model S & Model 3?

It should be remembered that Tesla is a pioneer in car software, as it is the first to use over-the-air updates of its models. Previously, as a prize, he had given a Model 3 and $350,000, to two researchers who… broke the software.

EVNT Note:

What Tesla does is certainly important since it will be able to fix security holes in its software but it is also an indirect advertisement for the already high level of security it offers in its vehicle software.
In modern vehicles, software plays a particularly important role and automakers should be particularly careful about security in the area of tampering. And finally …who will hack the Tesla Model S & Model 3?


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