Austin Arrow: Retro, Eco-friendly and fun EV

The Austin Arrow is an all-electric retro vehicle with an impressive design that is clearly reminiscent of other eras. The legendary name Austin returns to the new era of electrification and zero-pollutant vehicles as the evolution of motoring dictates.

It is a single- or two-seater pure electric vehicle with a purely British retro design where it is in development and as pointed out by the company is available for pre-order. The driver enjoys full contact with nature since there is no roof and shows the ideal vehicle for your spring rides.

“Unquestionably, all science-led evidence points to EVs being the future. And the emergence of battery-powered EVs – which, unlike petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, discharge no harmful emissions whilst being driven – has to be the most exciting breakthrough in planet-friendly vehicle design and production for decades, possibly even centuries.

Electrifying stuff!

Austin Motor Company

Austin Arrow: Retro, Eco-friendly and fun EV

The new Austin Arrow. Looking back has never felt so forward-thinking.”

Austin Motor Company

As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, there are some data about the battery, the electric motor and the range.

Thus, a 15 kW electric motor takes over for the transmission, while a 10 kWh battery (there will also be the possibility of double installation) undertakes to provide the required energy to the impressive classic car up to 100 miles (161km) of range.

Of course, some people will not like the specific capacity that has a battery but it is an electric vehicle that you will not need to cover huge distances or put your family in. It is a vehicle of driving pleasure and at the same time I have a very “modern” classic design. On the other hand, the small capacity of the battery improves charging times.

EVNT Note:

It looks delightful to the eye with excellent Retro touches it is fully electric and promises endless moments of driving experience. It is not necessary for it to have explosive performance or huge batteries (in capacity) since the purpose of this particular car is completely different. We hope to see it on the streets soon.