Elaborate prank or the new Tesla Model 2 ?

This car is an elaborate prank or the new Tesla Model 2 where it is expected to change the balance in the electric car market and not only!

Chinese social media has been filled with images of what appears to be a Tesla Model 2. Users upload photos of something that looks like a smaller Tesla crossover but has something unprecedented – a fuel cap right next to the hidden charging port on the left taillight.

The photo of the rear of the car leaves us with a very familiar feeling and, after thinking of several, it was revealed that this is a Mazda CX-30 “dressed” so that it looks like a Tesla.

Elaborate prank or the new Tesla Model 2

There are no photos of the interior, and although the wheels look like the original Model Y’s Gemini wheels, there was no reason for Tesla to paint the brake calipers red for a concept vehicle.

Still, taking a closer look at the side mirrors and front bumper makes it clear that this is not a Tesla.

Elaborate prank or the new Tesla Model 2

Tesla has been talking about a new cheaper model for years, and with the upcoming unveiling of the next-generation vehicle platform next week, it’s likely the automaker will quickly unveil the first vehicle to use this platform.

But the only sure thing is that this particular vehicle is not the Tesla Model 2 and we will have to wait a little longer for the American company to announce something.


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