Ferrari patents technology and “copies” Tesla?

Ferrari is working on the patent of a new EV, which carries technology that is very reminiscent of the “rockets” that Elon Musk intends to place in the next generation of the long-awaited Tesla Roadster.

Tesla’s CEO had previously mentioned that the Roadster will be able to “fly” a little, using the thrusters it will carry on its back. This system will be able to give “explosive” performance to the car.

Ferrari patents technology and "copies" Tesla?

A similar Ferrari patent came to light through the website of the US Patent and Copyright Office, which refers to a “High Performance Car with Gas Thrusters”. Italian Ferrari engineers want to build a car that closely resembles Tesla’s Roadster’s SpaceX package, using gas thrusters that will provide extra acceleration to the vehicle.

This technology will also help to brake and operate the model, while Ferrari will use gas cylinders or LPG technology at the front, rear, and side parts of the vehicle to operate the system.

One part of the patent states the following: “… At least one compressed gas cylinder and at least one gas thrusters, which is connected to the cylinder, is integrated into the vehicle frame and has a plethora of outward-facing nozzles, can be activated to produce jets of gas, are mounted parallel to and next to each other, have the same direction and have sizes so that the different impulses produce the same pressure.”

Also the system, which Ferrari estimates will add 40-45 kg in weight, can also create aerodynamic vertical force, sending large volumes of air between the vehicle floor and the road, which not only accelerates the car but produces vertical force through the Venturi effect.


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