India: New Chetak e-scooter will debut in Europe

The new Chetak e-scooter will be unveiled in early 2024 as revealed by KTM AG CEO Stefan Pierer to Indian media. It is expected to arrive in stores in March of the same year and its price will be competitive against electric scooters made in China and Taiwan.

Pierer stressed that due to the gravity and history of the Chetak name in India, the scooter will be sold under the same name in Europe.

New Chetak e-scooter

Specifically, Pierer said he wants to keep the Chetak brand as it is famous and has a rich history. “The second generation of Chetak (the first was a copy of the “iron” classic Vespa) is advantageous, since this is a well-known brand, and so we will save money on marketing. Secondly, Chetak has a long history in India and that will help us with sales.”

It became known that Bajaj in collaboration with KTM, are developing an electric motorcycle, but it is unknown when it will be presented.

New Chetak e-scooter
Chetak e-scooter

Pierer travelled to India for the celebrations on the occasion of the construction of one million KTM at the Chakan city plant after 12 years. The “big boss” of the Austrian company predicted that it will take half the time to reach the next million.

Sales in India in 2022 reached 150,000 units and the target for 2023 is an increase of 10%.

EVNT Note:

It is very good to see more and more manufacturers presenting new electric models on two wheels and the surprises continue from India since it is a country that is mostly “bathed” by all kinds of two-wheelers in big cities and not only! Electric scooters along with electric bikes are the best solution for ecological transportation in the city.


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