Rider SR8 electric motorcycle with sporty mood

Rider SR8 electric motorcycle is produced in France with sporty features while having increased power and range. Of course, the model has a look reminiscent of higher performance motorcycles.

But, its purpose is to meet the needs of novice riders. And more specifically, those who are looking for something sportier without the fear of managing more power.

Rider SR8 electric motorcycle

Rider has chosen for the RS8 a powertrain that features an electric motor that delivers almost 15 horsepower. In addition, its torque reaches 140 Nm, while its top speed reaches 150 km/h. In fact, it is clear that its power is reminiscent of a 125 cubic centimetre motorcycle thermal engine.

In terms of range, the French brand announces that the SR8 can reach up to 120 kilometers. Of course, this figure will be possible in ideal conditions, with a suitable rider weight and without high power requirements.

Rider SR8 electric motorcycle
Rider SR8 electric motorcycle

Finally, energy in the electric drive motor gives a battery with a capacity of 7.2 kWh, which unfortunately is not detachable. Thus, the owner of the SR8 will have to forcibly charge it near the supply of his home.

In fact, the situation is more difficult in a domestic outlet, since it takes 10 hours to fully charge. However, in a wallbox with higher power, charging takes about half the time.

The braking system also consists of a dual set of 300mm discs at the front and a single 240mm disc at the rear. Of course, the ABS system is also available, but the SR8 strangely does not have an energy recovery system when braking.

However, with a price of 9,249 euros in France, we would not say that it is completely affordable!


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