Sono Sion: Solar panels do not pose a threat

The solar panels of the Sono Sion are one of the great advantages of this car since they have the ability to add extra range to the electric vehicle only with the presence of the sun.

German start-up Sono Motors has announced that its electric vehicle covered by solar panels, Sion, has successfully completed the crash test. The Crash Test at a speed of 50 km/h confirmed that the panels do not pose an additional threat to vehicle users.

In addition to the battery range of up to 305 km, the Sion with its 456 cells can gain an average of 5,800 km per year (under normal conditions in Munich) additional range exclusively through solar energy. Complete self-sufficiency over short distances.

Sono Sion: Solar panels

Sion is covered by Sono’s proprietary solar panels, which did not crumble in the frontal collision test. This, the automaker says, means that Sion does not pose a danger to passengers or other road users because of its solar panels.

“After years of performing successful collision simulations, we are very proud to see our solar technology delivering the same satisfying and high-quality results in practice,” said Markus Volmer, CTO of Sono. We want our customers to be able to drive with the comfort of knowing that solar technology not only charges the battery for free, but also adheres to the highest safety standards.”

Sono claims that, thanks to these solar panels, the Sion can add up to 245 km of range per week, under ideal conditions. This saves owners money and means they can partially charge their vehicle passively. “We want to ensure maximum safety, comfort and efficiency for Sion customers,” Volmer said.


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