Electric car with 100€ per month – is it possible?

Electric car with a rent of 100€ per month they want to apply in a European country since even today the purchase of an electric vehicle remains an expensive option compared to conventional ones.

The Government of France is promoting the plan to expand electromobility and offer residents an affordable way to travel, with the electric car rental service from 100 euros per month.

The amount of the monthly rent of the electric car will depend both on the price of the car itself, and on the annual income of each family. It is therefore a measure to support the lower economic strata of the population, who cannot afford to buy a new car – especially an electric one, which remains too expensive.

Electric car with 100€ per month - is it possible

The government’s plan to affordably rent an electric car was officially announced by Christophe Bechu, France’s minister of ecological transition. As he stated, the “social rental” program promised by the French president Emmanuel Macron, is very likely to start to be implemented in 2023.

However, the income criteria by which the amount of the monthly rent of each car will be determined must first be determined. The programme will be financed by the taxes of the French people, with the aim of supporting the most economically weak households.

The “social rental” programme will also include only electric cars manufactured on European soil. Japanese, Korean, the Chinese army that are finding their way to Europe, and of course the American Tesla, are therefore excluded from this.


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