Electric pick-up peels off a 17-ton truck from the snow

An electric pick-up performed an impressive towing of a truck weighing 17 tons after being out of the way.

Electric cars have more torque than their conventional counterparts and this torque is delivered instantly, as there is no need to raise the engine speed as in a set of gasoline or diesel.

Although we have seen several times achievements that electric cars can achieve thanks to this feature, a Rivian R1T did something completely special. He unhooked a truck weighing 17 tons and pulled it out of the snow.

The driver of the Rivian was returning to his base and was located in the Moab area in the state of Utah. At one point he saw a truck and a sedan having slipped due to the ice and gone off the road. Seeing the situation he decided to help. So, he tied the truck to pull it.

The first attempts were not successful as the passage of other cars from the spot provided limited freedom of movement. However, when the traffic on the road decreased, he managed to use the full width available, as a result of which he unfastened the truck and pulled it until it pressed all over the asphalt.

An important role in the success of the venture was played by the fact that the Rivian in question was the four-wheel drive version, which in fact is powered by four engines, one on each wheel, with the total power reaching 835 horsepower and the torque reaching 1,321 Nm.

You can also watch the video here

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