Elon Musk – Artificial intelligence stressing me out

Elon Musk voiced a lot about the evolution of artificial intelligence and now, towards the end of the three-hour presentation of Tesla’s “Master Plan 3”, Musk has made reference to AI.

In December, Musk said OpenAI’s ChatGPT is “terribly good,” while stressing that “we’re not far from a dangerously strong AI.” Earlier in the week, he confirmed that he is enlisting a team of AI experts to create a ChatGPT competitor.

I don’t see AI helping us build cars in the near future. When we get to this point there will be no point in any of us working.

I am a little worried about what is happening with artificial intelligence. We need some kind of regulator, or something, to oversee the evolution of AI. To make sure it works for the good of the public interest. It is quite dangerous technology. I’m afraid I may have done a few things to speed it up.”

Musk agreed that Tesla’s effort to make cars drive on their own was “obviously useful” for AI.
On stage he seemed hesitant. “I don’t know. Tesla is doing good things with AI.” Then he fell silent and sighed. “That stressing me out. I don’t know what to say.”

Video from YouTube channel Tesla

EVNT Note:

Artificial Intelligence is not something that troubles only Elon Musk but the entire scientific community. The transition to ‘smart machines’ with the ability to make decisions will be a particularly sensitive turning point for human civilization.

Of course, no matter how many achievements are lately, the future is not so easy to predict… But can it be programmed? 30 years ago futurologists and technology enthusiasts said that in 2020 all cars will be flying. On the contrary, not only do they not fly but they also consume fossil fuels as they did 100 years ago!

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