FSD Beta v11: How does perform in Chicago?

FSD Beta v11 (Full Self-Driving) was launched after several delays and is a major update between Autopilot and the Full Self-Driving Beta software stack.

In the video you can watch below the FSD Beat V11 is tested on the streets of Chicago. The Tesla FSD Beta v11 is supposed to merge Tesla’s FSD and Autopilot.

It will allow Tesla vehicles to drive autonomously to a destination registered in the car’s navigation system, but the driver must remain alert and ready to take control at all times.

Since the responsibility lies with the driver and not with Tesla’s system, it is still considered a level 2 driver assistance system. .

Tesla frequently releases new software updates to the FSD Beta program and adds more owners to it.

Since the broader beta launch last year, there are now over 400,000 Tesla owners in the program in North America. However, the bulk of these owners had not yet received major FSD beta updates as Tesla was due to release the v11 to the fleet in November 2022, but the update has stuck in tests on Tesla’s closed fleet ever since.

CEO Elon Musk kept saying it’s about a week away from a wider release than last month, and last week he said it would be out this weekend.

Tesla has now started distributing the FSD Beta 11.3.2 (2022.45.11) to more vehicles. Tesla owners with FSD Beta across North America say they received the update over the weekend.

FSD Beta v11: How does perform in Chicago
FSD Beta v11: How does perform in Chicago?

However, the update is still gradually being developed and more vehicles will receive it in the coming days.

Video from YouTube Channel TechGeek Tesla

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