Great news about solid state battery technology

Very interesting news about solid state battery technology emerged from the well-known Chinese technology company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is working on the development of solid-state batteries that can be used in mobile devices as well as electric vehicles.

Xiaomi announced that it had made a great discovery and achieved a huge energy density of 1,000 Wh/l. This is more than double the energy density offered by most electrics, which reaches 450 Wh/l.

The new technology promises to solve many problems with modern lithium batteries. In addition to improved energy density, sold-state batteries also perform better at low temperatures. Xiaomi claims to have about 20% improved performance at -20°C. Additionally, solid-state cells are safer as they do not explode when punctured due to the lack of liquid electrolytes.

Engineers further improved durability by coating the positive electrode with solid ceramic electrolytes.

Xiaomi tested its prototype on a Xiaomi 13 smartphone and was able to fit a 6,000 mAh unit inside the smartphone. The challenge now is to be able to produce these batteries in quantity and make them economically viable.

EVNT Note:

Xiaomi is not the only company to announce significant developments in solid state batteries since many startups and well-known automakers claim that the first application of solid state batteries in electric vehicles is not too far away. So far there is no indication that we will soon see these batteries in production.

Of course, some technologies should evolve in complete secrecy since the pioneer will benefit the most. But on the other hand, Tesla, which led the way in Lithium-Ion batteries, has not announced anything about researching and developing solid state batteries.

Does Tesla know something that others don’t own?


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