Negative thoughts about EVs from the Germans

According to research, negative thoughts about EVs surround Germans where most of the burden falls on the environment.

The Germans doubt the usefulness of an electric car, especially with whether it actually has real environmental benefits, since it is becoming increasingly clear that batteries cause significant environmental damage.

In particular, according to the survey, the environmentally friendly image of electric vehicles has been continuously decreasing since 2016. Only 39% of respondents now consider electric cars more environmentally friendly, compared to cars with internal combustion engines. The corresponding figure in 2022 was 44%.

BEV - Negative thoughts about EVs from the Germans
Negative thoughts about EVs from the Germans

57% of Germans say they are not interested in buying an electric car because of the environmental damage to the batteries, 49% because of their limited lifespan, 63% for the underdeveloped network of charging stations, 66% because of their insufficient range and 64% because of their increased purchase price.

EVNT Note:

The Germans’ opinion and their concern for the environment are fully respected. Although Electric vehicles show that they will be the future in the data so far concerning global sales in most countries, this does not mean that the same will be true in the next five years. Batteries are a serious deterrent for buyers.

Charging can in no way compete with internal combustion engines as well as some claim that there will be a huge problem in recycling or withdrawing them with any consequences for the environment. All this, of course, on a theoretical level, since a lot may change in the next decade. Electric vehicles are still in their infancy and a grace period needs to be given to see where things are going.


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