New sales record for Tesla in Norway?

A new sales record for Tesla is expected in Norway for the month of March 2023 as all the data show and in fact the difference compared to previous months and years will be significant.

Tesla comes in great shape for the third quarter of 2023 at least in Norway since according to the latest data for the month of March where tomorrow is the last day, Tesla sales are expected to exceed 8,000 cars in just one month.

Tesla has always been pushing for more sales in the last month of each quarter, and this is reflected in a large sales volume that accumulates in just one month.

New sales record for Tesla in Norway

In particular, we have to go back a long way to September 2021 where Tesla managed to deliver 5,781 pure electric vehicles to Norway. Also in December 2022 the American company managed to deliver to customers 5,622 cars while last March it managed to sell 5,074 cars.

Today, on March 30, the speedometer already registers 7,844 cars and specifically the Model Y owns the lion’s share and by a huge margin from the Model 3. Note that Model 3 has sold 444 units so far. So tomorrow’s day remains, which is the last of the month to record another big record in Tesla’s monthly sales in Norway.

What do you think? will Tesla manage to pass the magic number 8,000 vehicles in just a month and all this only in Norway?


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