Tesla Model S: New high-visibility glass roof

The Tesla Model S gets a new “high-visibility glass roof” among other small improvements the automaker will implement on this electric car.

The main reason for the refreshing moves was the integration of Hardware 4.0 Autopilot and Self-Driving sensors and Tesla’s computer, but the automaker used the opportunity to add a few more features.

The changes announced by Tesla are a new “super-red” color for Model S and Model X, while the option of a round steering wheel in addition to yoke is available. He also said he is introducing a new “high-visibility glass roof” to the Model S.

Tesla Model S New high-visibility glass roof

“Our new Model S ceiling glass leaves more light, allowing for a clearer view of the sky, day or night, while maintaining the same level of heat and UV protection”

Tesla claims that the new glass roof now “weighs less and leaves 5 times more light” compared to the previous glass roof, while still providing the “same level of uv protection.” The automaker claims to be “improving handling” by helping to reduce the center of gravity.

EVNT Note:

Tesla is used to constantly upgrading its models to maintain the necessary freshness to successfully continue their Commercial course. Let’s say that the large glass roof is something of a trademark for Tesla since all its models are characterized by the almost direct contact that passengers have (visually of course) with nature or with the stars.

It is also very important that this visual experience is now better but should the company think and try a solution so that with the excessive sun and heat there was the possibility of darkening the roof on its own?


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