Tesla: New Gigafactory and Master Plan 3

The announcement of the new Gigafactory by Tesla as part of the Investor Day event, was very important as the American company lays the foundations for a global aggressive policy of expansion and dominance in electric vehicles.

The presentation took place in Texas, with the “boss” of the American brand, making statements about the future of the company.

However, one of the most important information he has released is the expansion of his company in the region of Mexico. More specifically, he stated that Tesla will build its new Gigafactory in Mexico, which will be the largest. However, the reason for the creation of a new plant is the rapid increase in the production of new electric models of the brand.

Tesla: New Gigafactory

The construction of the sixth Gigafactory of the American brand will take place near the city of Monterrey. There, Tesla will produce next-generation pure electric vehicles.

In fact, according to the information, the new Tesla Giga Mexico is probably the largest electric car factory in the world. In addition, this is an investment that “reaches” $ 5 billion and will include the latest technological developments of the brand.

At the same time, Elon Musk noted that the new plant in Mexico will be complementary. In addition, he stated that the already existing factories will continue to expand their production.

The brand currently has a Tesla factory in Fremont, California, Giga Nevada, Giga Shanghai in China, Giga Berlin in Germany, and Giga Texas. However, there is still one in New York, but it does not produce electric cars.

Right now, Tesla’s production capacity is about 2 million units a year. However, according to the statements, this figure will skyrocket by 2030.

More specifically, the annual production of the American brand should reach 20 million units. Obviously, this “testifies” that the brand will not be satisfied only with its new factory in Mexico. Certainly, in the future it will enter the process of building new units, which will expand around the world.

At the Investor Day event, most people were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the small Tesla of 25,000 euros. However, Musk did not make any announcement about the new model, most likely, called the Model 2. In fact, the model will be based on the brand’s new architecture, which will also reduce construction costs.

On the other hand, rumors indicate that Tesla is in the process of revamping its popular model, Model Y. In fact, the development phase of the model goes by the name Project Jupiter, which will likely be available in late 2024.

In addition, this information also targets the Model 3, which will follow the path of the brand’s electric SUV, making the necessary “freshening up”.


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