Turkey: Huge Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

Huge Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles will be implemented by Turkey in anticipation in this way to promote the grand plan for the production of Turkish pure electric vehicles.

Turkey will impose an additional 40% tariff on electric vehicles made in China, according to the government’s official gazette.

The Turkish Togg electric car is a key campaign promise for Erdogan. The first SUV model was unveiled in October, and sales are set to begin in the third quarter of the year.

The government supported the project with tax cuts, free facilities, low borrowing costs and a guarantee to purchase 30,000 vehicles per year by the end of 2035.

Sales of electric cars in Turkey almost tripled to 7,733 units in 2022, boosted by lower tax rates than cars with an internal combustion engine. However, they still make up just over 1% of the country’s passenger car market.

The dynamics of the market has already caught the attention of Chinese manufacturers. This week, Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD signed a memorandum with Turkish distribution company ALJ Turkiye in order to enter the country’s market with passenger and light commercial vehicles.

EVNT Note:

Protecting your own products from a perspective is right, and when it comes to an automaker things get complicated. What Turkey is trying to help the local industry with exorbitant tariffs on other foreign-sourced cars, specifically Chinese, may put a brake on Togg’s exports to China since it could impose similar tariffs on Turkish cars. Of course, these are geopolitical interests where we cannot judge Turkey’s decision to protect its local car industry.

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