Classic Ferrari Testarossa acquired a Tesla engine – Video

The Ferrari Testarossa is one of the most imposing classic sports cars in the history of the legendary brand but nevertheless the internal combustion engine especially for this Ferrari Testarossa is a thing of the past!

An engineer from Great Britain not only improved it but completely changed the character of the car. That’s because it created the first electric Ferrari, even before the Italian company itself, which is scheduled to present its first electric model in 2025.

In March 2022 the engineer of Electric Classic Cars on YouTube, got his hands on a Ferrari Testarossa. After much thought, she decided to change the atmospheric heart of the beautiful Italian, removing the V12 engine, in order to convert it to electric.

The result goes by the name “Teslarossa” where in place of the large V12 engine weighing 420 kg, he got an electrical system that has less weight and smaller dimensions.

The wheels grew to 18 inches in diameter, as did the tyres that have a wider width to better manage the great power, which has risen significantly, now reaching 550 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque.

The gearbox of the manual Testatossa has been preserved, but not with all its “teeth”, as it now needs just two, one to drive the front and one to reverse.

classic Ferrari Testarossa acquired a Tesla engine

Video from YouTube channel Electric Classic Cars

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