Batteries + ultracapacitors is the electrification future?

How would it look if you could charge the electric vehicle in a few sec? Batteries + ultracapacitors point to the future in electrification? A new innovative graphene battery that can be charged in just 15 seconds is in development. As at least its manufacturers claim, Skeleton Technologies runs the project in collaboration with the … Read more

This Porsche giant battery 2,1 MWh can charge 30 Taycan

Porsche developed a giant battery in a truck trailer where it has the ability to charge many Taycan. The Hungaroring track in Budapest recently hosted a special event called the Porsche Track Experience, which offered the German company’s customers the opportunity to test taycan electric in a “racing” teren. But events like these are a … Read more

Demand for lithium batteries rises according to VW

Volkswagen reveals interesting information regarding demand for lithium batteries. Lithium is expected to have a major increase in the coming years and will be of great concern to us in the current decade. Next to oil extraction comes the extraction of lithium, a natural element, a raw material that will be of great concern to … Read more

Second life batteries : Promising messages for EVs

Second life batteries are an area to be investigated by car manufacturers, and not just them. The experts developed a safe methodology for lithium-ion batteries. According to research carried out by the University of Warwick in Great Britain, it has been confirmed that a large number of electric lithium-ion batteries could be reused. Once the … Read more

Volkswagen Autonomous robot will charge electric cars

Volkswagen autonomous robot

  The procedure for the Volkswagen autonomous robot charging an electric car will be simple and seems very useful and practical. At present it is an prototype robot and no probable date has been set for its release on the market. The robot, which can drive independently, is equipped with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic … Read more

Is the production of electric vehicles at risk?

production of electric vehicles

SK Innovation and LG Chem battery companies have been involved in a “war” of lawsuits, which could pose a problem in the production of electric vehicles around the world. In 2018, SK Innovation secured a multi-billion-euro contract from Volkswagen to supply the German brand with batteries to be used in its models intended for the … Read more