Electric buses in London will have artificial sound

Electric buses

Pure electric vehicles when they move at low speeds produce minimal noise and vehicles such as electric buses gradually fill the streets of cities. The red buses, which adorn the streets of London, reach 8000, but only 200 are electric.  The transport services of the English capital have ensured that the pedestrian crossing of the … Read more

This Volkswagen Type 2 hides an ecological secret!

Volkswagen Type 2

The electric Volkswagen Type 2 was created at the suggestion of Volkswagen of America by EV West which specializes in electric cars and the final result is exactly the sum of its parts. EV West managed to keep the classic van’s appearance practically unchanged. From height to characteristic dichromone and from the simple and plain … Read more

Volvo : 157 electric buses for Gothenburg next year

Volvo received an order for 157 electric buses 7900 Electric Articulated in Gothenburg. The company that ordered the electric buses is Transdev which is a public transport operator, active in 20 countries, with the purpose of using them in Gothenburg in Sweden. Electric buses 7900 EA are powered by two electric motors of 200kW, capable … Read more

Electric school buses replace Diesel in California

Dozens of vehicles where belong to schools of 26 counties of the state, will be replaced by new fully electric school buses. The California Energy Commission invests nearly 70 million American dollars in a 200 bus diesel replacement program. A study published in the Economics of Education Review magazine last month showed that modernised buses … Read more

Toyota revealed electric micro-bus for the Olympic Games

Toyota it will product 200 electric micro-bus, which will be available for spectator movements – and not only. The vehicles are named Accessible people Mover (APM) and as their name testifies, they are “flexible” carriers of persons who will be on the initiative of Toyota by the organizers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of … Read more

Greece : Trikala plans a permanent bus line without a driver

bus line without a driver

The next step in automated driving is to implement the Trikala Municipality, as part of the AVINT project, from GSRT “research-innovate” cycle, which deals with unmanned buses.  In particular, it is planned to install a transport line supported by automatic buses, fully integrated into the urban fabric, which will serve the daily needs of the … Read more