Watch Jaguar I-PACE vs Mercedes EQC SUV review

Jaguar i Pace and Mercedes EQC are both European electric SUVs. What differences do they have? The Jaguar I-Pace and the Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC are two luxury SUVs where they are fully electric. They offer dynamic features, large interiors, impressive appearance and satisfactory electric autonomy but also very good performance. The I-Pace has a … Read more

Mercedes : No shortage of batteries for EQC

Mercedes, according to a recent publication from Manager Magazin, had a shortage batteries problem for the EQC. However, Daimler does not agree with the above claim and immediately denied that there is a lack of battery availability. Mercedes built just 7,000 EQC out of the 25,000 it wanted in 2019. A Daimler spokesman Joerg Howe … Read more

Watch 4 top pure electric SUVs, charging race

Tesla Model X, Mercedes EQC, Audi e-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace in charging battle! What’s the result when you compare Tesla Model X, Mercedes EQC, Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace, to a battery charge match from the top 4 SUV’s in circulation? Below you will see a very informative video from Bjørn Nyland where it shows us … Read more

Mercedes EQC scored 5 Star in the Euro NCAP test

Mercedes EQC model of the German brand, successfully passed the crash tests of Euro NCAP. The independent European Agency performed the necessary crash test on the impressive EQC of 408 hp, based on the strictest standards. The SUV received five stars for the security it offers. More specifically rated 96% in the adult passenger category, … Read more

Mercedes EQC electric SUV pedestrian sounds – video

What pedestrian sounds does the full electric Mercedes EQC SUV ? Pedestrian safety with the circulation of electric vehicles is a major technology, since the zero noise generated by the BEVs is quite dangerous for pedestrians in the city and can easily be caused an accident. In the Video below you can see how the … Read more

Watch Mercedes EQC 400 Test Drive Review

Although there is considerable deprivation at the disposal of EQC 400 to purchasers, according to Mercedes, the purely electric SUV, which was already sold out before marketing, is probably not available for sale until the end of this year. How amazing however is the first electric EQC 400 SUV of the famous German company? This … Read more

Mercedes plans to abandon combustion engines by 2039

A very interesting announcement recently made by Mercedes where plans to abandon combustion engines. Ambition2039 is the name of the new action plan by Daimler AG, the team that includes the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands. The German company calls for the reduction of CO2 emissions from the most important aspects of the new business strategy. … Read more