Enormous increase expected in Europe EV sales until 2025

Next year will be important for sales of electric vehicles but enormous increase expected in Europe by 2025. Until recently this reflected only a small percentage of sales in most European countries, simply giving the feeling of a first placement and acquaintance with the public. However, in the coming years the electric vehicle market will … Read more

Offshore wind 450 GW, Europe needs up to 2050

offshore wind

The European Commission has big goals for offshore wind Feasible are the Commission’s targets for offshore wind, i.e. reaching 230-450 gigawatts by 2050, but only with the appropriate investments in electrical networks, as the WindEurope Association argues. In a communication said that a proper spatial framework is also needed in the EU Member States, and … Read more

Europe : In one month 23,200 full electric cars sold

Impressive jumps makes the electric cars in Europe, with market share growing at a rapid pace month by month. According to JATO’s results, EV, PHEV and BEV passenger cars now occupy 7.8% of the market.┬áIn August, more than 83,400 drivers in the old Continent chose to buy an environmentally friendly car, with 23,200 of them … Read more

European manufacturers are uniting against a “naughty” Brexit

There is more than a month left for the European Union’s exit date for Britain and the prospect of a “naughty” Brexit without an agreement between the EU and Britain scares the country’s industry and it includes Of course the car industry. With the heads of 23 different European organisations to warn of possible consequences … Read more

European car makers seek help of Goverments

Several electric cars were presented in the Frankfurt Motor Show, and many new models expected in the coming months. European car makers have invested billions of euros in the evolution and production of electric cars, and the next step is to climb sales. For this to happen, governments in every country in Europe will have … Read more

Tesla checks possible gigafactory 4 locations in Europe

Tesla has made known its intention to construct a new Gigafactory 4 in Europe. Which will ultimately not be built in some country with cheaper labour costs or a lower tax regime, but in Germany, as the most recent reports say. In June, Elon Musk said that “Germany is a top choice for Europe“, in … Read more

Nonexistent electrification incentives in European Union

Since the European Union has decided that the shift in electrification will be enforced in every way, it has been inevitably accompanied by a similar incentive for their market in many countries. These mostly provide for some tax exemptions, but the strongest motivation so far is to highlight their market subsidy. On the one hand, … Read more