This Lexus EV offers huge warranty on the battery

Lexus in an impressive move offers its first EV with a huge battery warranty showing the Japanese automaker’s intentions for the electrification. The Lexus UX 300e is the first luxury pure electric Japanese model and its commercial course on European soil will begin in selected markets. More than 1.8 million hybrid cars have been sold … Read more

Lexus UX300e electric SUV with 400 km of range

Lexus UX300e electric will “hit” the markets of China and Europe in 2020. The first EV production in the history of Lexus revealed in the Guangzhou Motor Show of China, the Japanese company. In essence, it is the purely electrically powered version of the conventional UX series of the Japanese manufacturer, based on the electric … Read more

Lexus will present the first electric on November 22

The Japanese luxury brand Lexus, a few days will reveal in the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, to be held in China, its first Lexus electric car, and already released a first teaser photo to get a glimpse of what’s coming. The choice in this Motor Show is not a strange choice, as China is … Read more

Toyota – Lexus : Full speed ahead for electric and hybrid

Toyota has been a pioneer in hybrid technology for many years and certainly does not want to be left behind in the purely electric sector, so with Lexus, its luxurious branch is preparing to present three new models by 2021. According to foreign sources so far the Japanese keep a sealed secret which models will … Read more

Next Gen autonomous vehicle with Lexus Brand Name

Shortly before CES 2019, Lexus will present a new autonomous vehicle that reflects the efforts of its engineers to deliver the ultimate daily carrier of the modern citizen. The reason for the Toyota P4, a vehicle equipped with the manufacturer’s best system of autonomy.  The car bears the Lexus brand name and is in fact … Read more

Lexus preparing a full-electric SUV for 2019

Lexus full-electric SUV

Lexus brand is synonymous with quality and top performance. Of course, from its shots it could not be lacking the circulation of electric vehicles. Indeed, there is information that could indicate the announcement of an electric model in Europe next year.  In particular, Toyota patented the Lexus UX300e for all parts of Europe. If you … Read more

Electric cars do not for everyone according Lexus

The head of Lexus Yoshihiro Sawa, spoke about the current reality of electric cars. “Our philosophy is to support autonomy in motion, so we have to develop all the technologies. We understand that electric cars are necessary, but we must be able to see and that they are not compatible with all the needs”. “For example, … Read more